Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Truth About Dayna Martin.

Okay, so here we go again...DM in the spotlight so therefore I must join in because I know the truth about what type of person she is...and now I know even more.

So today, I got a hold of a pretty revealing blog about DM and what she's been up to lately.

My only question is: Why is she not on medication yet?  Or in rehab??

One thing I had no idea about, she was telling people how Joe Martin abuses her.....but to find out, she WANTS him to talk to her that way to prove his love.  And Joe must just follow he realize that she's using this against him and asking people to "off" him to save her from him?  That he beats her up?  Joe, if you're reading this, please know this makes me sad...if indeed you really aren't beating her up.  If you are.....well, then you both need help.

Here is the blog for you to read, friends:

WOW.  I mean, I kinda suspected, esp. that she probably has NPD like my mother, but just WOW.  I 100% believe it too as they have no reason to lie.

And???  I've had two separate CLOSE friends of hers defect and come to me and told me the same things.  So that's another reason I 100% believe it.

Its sad to watch a woman crumble.....I feel bad for Dayna, she obviously has some sort of something wrong with her brain that she needs help with, but you know who I REALLY feel sorry for?  ALL the people she's duped into thinking she is what she clearly isn't.

A friend of mine has a friend that lives by and her and said she ALWAYS yells and disrespects her kids.  So, there's fraud right there.

I don't really like fake people who play others for the fool.  Its not fair to steal their money to LIE to them.

A message by a fake person, even if the message is good, is still not sincere and does NOT deserve to be paid for.

So I urge ANYONE who has ever been screwed over by Dayna Martin, to please, please, put it up for the world to see.  Let it be known about this false guru.........and please come back here and link it.  Or just tell your story below.

UPDATE:   Here is Part 2 to read where I tell you all my own experiences with her: